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Anqing Zhaofeng Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 10 million meters of high-end printing fabric production line upgrade and transformation project environmental impact report (draft for comments) publicity

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Upgrade and transformation of the production line with an annual output of 10 million meters of high-end printed fabrics

Publicity of project environmental impact report (draft for comments)

(1) Brief description of construction project
Anqing Zhaofeng Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. is one of the leading printing and dyeing enterprises in Anqing City. It is a large-scale all-round printing and dyeing backbone enterprise. It has two sets of domestic advanced dyeing and finishing production lines. The whole factory covers an area of 50 acres (anqing quilts have been rented since 2005. The factory building, located at No. 71, Caishan Road, Anqing City, has 175 employees and has an annual production capacity of 20 million meters of cotton fabric printing, dyeing and finishing. The company has advanced production equipment and strong technical force. Its bleaching, dyeing and finishing lines have complete functions. The products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions including the European Union, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa.
Anqing Zhaofeng Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. has two 10 million meters of pre-processing, dyeing, and finishing production lines. In order to meet market demand and improve the competitiveness of the company, the company renews its existing production lines without expanding production capacity. , The specific content of the transformation is mainly to transform a "10 million meters pre-processing, dyeing, and finishing production line" into a "10 million meters pre-processing, printing, and finishing production line", and eliminate one continuous pad dyeing machine and one sanding machine. There are 5 sets of complete equipment, including rotary screen printing machine, steaming machine, post-printing washing machine, digital printing machine and other equipment. After the transformation is completed, the whole plant has two production lines, one for 10 million meters of pre-treatment and dyeing. , Finishing production line and a 10 million meter pre-processing, printing and finishing production line.
   (2) Overview of possible environmental impacts of construction projects
   (1) Conclusion of atmospheric environmental impact assessment
  The forecast results show that the concentration of pollutants discharged after the project is completed is low, and all kinds of pollutants can be discharged up to the standard, which has little impact on the ambient air quality.
   (2) Acoustic environmental impact assessment conclusion
   The prediction results show that after the project is completed, after the implementation of noise reduction measures, the noise at the factory boundary can reach the standard. After superimposing with the background value, the status quo can basically be maintained, and the regional acoustic environment function will not decline.
   (3) Conclusion of soil environmental impact analysis
   According to the results of soil monitoring, the various monitoring factors of the soil can meet the relevant requirements of the second type of land use screening value in the Soil Environmental Quality Construction Land Soil Pollution Risk Management Standard (GB 36600-2018), and the soil environmental quality in the project area is good.
   (4) Conclusion of groundwater environmental impact assessment
According to the analysis of pollution channels and corresponding measures, the project has effectively prevented all the ways that may have groundwater impacts. Under the premise of ensuring that various anti-seepage measures are implemented, and strengthening maintenance and plant environmental management, the plant can be effectively controlled The infiltration phenomenon of wastewater pollutants is avoided to avoid groundwater pollution, so the project will not have a significant impact on the regional groundwater environment.
  (3) Key points of countermeasures and measures to prevent or reduce adverse environmental impacts
   (1) Wastewater
The wastewater of the project is treated by the sewage treatment station to meet the standards of "Discharge Standard of Water Pollutants for Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industry" (GB4287-2012) and its amendment form 2 and then take over for treatment in the Chengdong Sewage Treatment Plant, and the tail water reaches the pollution of the Urban Sewage Treatment Plant Discharge Standards (GB18918-2002) Table 1 will be discharged into the Yangtze River after the first level B standard.
  (2) Exhaust gas
   The waste gas generated during the production process of the project is mainly particulate matter and NH3. The particulate matter is collected by an air collecting hood, and is discharged through a new 15m high 5# exhaust cylinder after purification treatment by a bag filter. The removal efficiency is more than 90%. NH3 is discharged through the newly-added 15m-high 6# exhaust cylinder after purification treatment by "water spray + high-voltage electrostatic purification device + UV photolysis photocatalysis". The removal efficiency is over 90%, and the exhaust gas emission meets the requirements of relevant standards.
   (3) Noise
The noise sources during the operation period of the project are mainly mechanical devices, tanks (all containing rolls), steaming boxes (all containing rolls), washing boxes (all containing rolls), capacity expansion-boiling evaporator, fan, air compressor, etc. equipment. The noise at the boundary of the plant meets the requirements of the category 2 standard limit of the "Environmental Noise Emission Standard at the Boundary of Industrial Enterprises" (GB12348-2008), and has a small impact on the regional acoustic environment.
   (4) Solid waste
   The newly added solid waste of the project is mainly packaging solid waste generated from the use of raw and auxiliary materials, waste slurry generated from the sizing process, sludge generated from the wastewater treatment station, and household garbage of employees. Solid waste can be disposed of reasonably, with zero discharge and little impact on the surrounding environment.
   (4) The main points of the environmental impact assessment conclusion proposed in the environmental impact report
The construction of this project complies with the requirements of industrial policies, the site selection complies with relevant plans, and the pollution prevention and control measures adopted by the project are technically and economically feasible, and can basically guarantee the stable and up-to-standard discharge of various pollutants, and the discharge of pollutants complies with the requirements of total amount control, normal discharge The pollutants in this report have less impact on the surrounding environment and environmental protection goals. Under the premise of implementing the environmental protection measures proposed in this report and strictly implementing the “three simultaneous” of environmental protection, analysis from the perspective of environmental protection shows that the construction of this project has environmental feasibility.
  (5) The way and time limit for the public to consult the draft of the environmental impact report
   This project entrusts Hunan Zhiyuan Environmental Consulting Service Co., Ltd. to undertake the environmental impact assessment of the project. I would like to ask you to provide valuable comments so that we can reflect them in the EIA report in a timely and accurate manner.
   Within 10 working days of this announcement, if you need to consult the paper environmental impact report, you can contact the contact person. If the public has opinions, you can use the form of telephone, email or mail to put forward your opinions, so that we can timely and accurately reflect them in the EIA report. At the same time, please leave your contact information so that we can respond to your comments in time.
   (6) The scope of soliciting public opinions;
   The scope of soliciting public opinions this time is mainly citizens, legal persons and other organizations within the scope of the project's environmental impact assessment. Citizens, legal persons and other organizations outside the scope of the evaluation can also provide opinions.
   (7) The ways and means of public opinions;
   The public opinion solicitation is mainly through newspaper publication and online publication. The public who are concerned about the construction of this project can directly contact the contact person to participate by telephone or email.
   (8) The start and end time of public comments;
   The public will put forward your valuable comments or suggestions within 10 working days from the date of this announcement.
  (九) Contact information:
  The name and contact information of the construction unit of the construction project
   Construction unit: Anqing Zhaofeng Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd.
   Contact: Manager Ye
   Contact number: 13966987716
  The name and contact information of the environmental impact assessment agency undertaking the assessment
   EIA unit: Hunan Zhiyuan Environmental Consulting Service Co., Ltd.
  Contact: Xue Gong
   Contact number: 18852001190

   Please refer to the attachment for details of the draft for soliciting opinions and the public referee's opinion form.

   If you have any comments and suggestions on this project, you can call the contact number of the construction unit or the environmental impact report preparation unit, or send the comments and suggestions to the mailbox.

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